The Walking Dead episode 711 'Hostiles and Calamities'

The Walking Dead episode 711 'Hostiles and Calamities'

It was a nail-biting episode when "The Walking Dead" Season 7 aired its midseason premiere. Richard has a strategy he believes will convince Ezekiel to take on the Saviors, but finds that Daryl is less than enthusiastic about his approach. With that many people banding together, Rick sees the strength in numbers and is likely smiling at the idea of finally putting an end to Negan's reign.

Not that Carol's the only one to do the emotional heavy lifting this time around, but the further we move from her orbit here the less invested I am in the characters on screen.

Richard desperately wants to get The Kingdom to join the fight against the Saviors, but he's not making any friends in his attempts to do so. But Richard tells this plan Daryl so, it goes nowhere and he gets punched in the face. But it at least makes sense that Daryl would want to let her hold on to the peace she seems to have found for a little while longer. "We take", says Jadis. Jadis definitely took a liking to Rick, which isn't surprising. Rick experienced a spike through the hand which was a brutal one. With Michonne's guidance, who is watching through a pipe, he's able to defeat the zombie by pulling junk down onto it and then killing it once it's immobile. Well, turns out the mysterious new group that ambushed Rick and the group are junkyard folk, in that, they literally live in a junkyard. Upon their return, Ezekiel tells Benjamin to keep a head about him at all times, which highlights the biggest difference between the two - yes, Ezekiel is using his head and trying to create a future for his people with The Saviors, but Benjamin is the heart and he can't watch others be tormented and do nothing. They barely communicate with our heroes, and when they do speak, they talk like pompous serial killers. A lot of them.

Is it possible that Jadis and her group are already working with Negan and the Saviors? A refreshing change from Negan's endless dialogue in my opinion. The writing was far less painful, and dialogue (both in terms of writing and delivery) felt more natural, less wooden and forced. I'm lying, it's not at all a mystery. However, when he got the opportunity to update her on everything that happened since they last saw each other, Daryl chose not to. "Crying. Scared. Doing every-f***ing-thing in their power to get themselves killed".

The group and its female leader Jadis will be in attack mode but Father Gabriel saves the day by playing peacemaker between the two groups. Because this new group is fucking ridiculous. Folks on the internet have taken to calling them the Garbage Pail Kids, but that misses the nuances of their freaky-deaky-ness: names like Lord of the Rings characters, bad spoken-word speech patterns, and a thing for dressing walkers in spiked armor.

Alright, so throwing Rick into a makeshift cage made out of garbage piles and forcing him to do battle with a walker clad in a spiky suit of armor feels more like a hazing ritual than anything.

Rick's smile baffled viewers for sure. Well, guns inevitably get drawn, and once again Ezekiel commands Richard submit.

Carol receives and unexpected visit from Daryl. - Daryl reunited with his longtime BFF, Carol, and suddenly our bleak, Negan-ruled world seemed to be a less frightening place.

Endearingly, McIntosh - a veteran of SundanceTV's Hap and Leonard and the fearsome star of the Offspring sequel The Woman - is just as enamored of her character as Lincoln and me.



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