Who Is the New Group of Scavengers on 'The Walking Dead'?

The Walking Dead: Ezekiel's Decision Explained  May Change His Mind

Back at The Kingdom, Richard thinks he has a like-minded ally in Daryl. He doesn't seem to be overflowing with loyalty to Richard after Richard was so willing to risk Carol's life, and we can bet that he'd jump at the chance to arm a new group of allies and strike back at the Saviors. Spoilers tease that there could be growing tension between The Saviors and The Kingdom.The upcoming episode is titled "New Best Friends" and it could be a hint on the new set of individuals who have come up to Rick, The Independent reported.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC, Sunday nights at 9 p.m.

Jaydis, with her rock star black leather glove that waves out silent commands, is like Tilda Swinton light, and oddly it works. With that many people banding together, Rick sees the strength in numbers and is likely smiling at the idea of finally putting an end to Negan's reign.

Did you see the size of their place?! They take whatever they can get their hands on. He doesn't go off on me, like, "How could you throw me down there?" What do we know about them so far? ("Changing again", she sighs, in the choppy, sing-song way of talking that distinguishes her people ... again for no real reason besides that being kind of a cool, fantasy-fiction thing to do.) Rick's surviving the zombie arena seals the deal, though, and gives the Alexandrians a new task: If they can round up enough weapons and ammo for these potential new recruits. they'll have support on the battlefield. Prior to it, Ezekiel shows up in a faux mission to check up on Carol's homestead and deliver some cobbler. I don't think he's anxious for a second. Introduced at the end of season six, Negan terrorizes Rick Grimes and his group throughout the first half of season seven. Maybe Daryl realized that what Carol was saying wasn't that insane and that he couldn't imagine losing her either. The fact that Daryl chose to delay her heartbreak tells Morgan the two men are just alike. I don't need The Walking Dead to be great, but if I'm going to go down with this zombie-infested ship (and I'll keep writing these reviews as long as they let me), I'd prefer to do so with a smile.

I see heras an audience member sees her. If Carol wanted to be a person away from the violence and the murder, he may not have wanted to tell her something that would bring her back into it.

I don't know anything at all. One of the saviors hits him. They barely communicate with our heroes, and when they do speak, they talk like pompous serial killers. The group - who wear the skins of walkers, are headed by Alpha - a savage and cunning woman with little care for the lives of others who threaten her people. Also, him charming Shiva in her cage is an ovary moment for sure. Per Morgan, the kitty doesn't like anyone, but of course, Daryl charms her stripes into a bunch. The cold, tight-lipped mysterious leader is the antithesis of Negan's darkly comic, meandering babblings - with her group's awkward English providing a creepy, aboriginal feel to their trashy residence.

The Kingdom may look like they are up in the air as of now, but they will inevitably join Rick's fight.

That said, Carol and Daryl have such a attractive and rare bond on this series, and Daryl just took the first step in damaging it.

Watch Rick get taken to the new community on TWD Season 7, Episode 10. Still, "New Best Friends" does continue the trend begun last week, heading forward into a fearless new world where the heroes aren't constantly miserable and may actually accomplish something meaningful again, and that's a relief.



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