Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Unveils Skype Lite for Developing Nations

Watch out WhatsApp, Satya Nadella just announced their latest built-for-India Communication App, Skype Lite

The automobile company also showcased a connected mobile experience for users called C-Cube Concept auto, which relies on Microsoft's Cloud services and artificial intelligence to create a smart vehicle experience. Chandra said that the company had tried to make it as simple and convenient as possible to use the app with a unified view that integrates both Skype and SMS text messages. The company launched an app called Skype Lite in 2009 as its first entry onto Android and Java phones, but that product was retired sometime later. The lite version is aimed at the Android dominated Indian users, majority of which use low-end devices with poor Internet connection.

Skype Lite app has been designed for Indian mobile users. The service has LinkedIn Lite integrated in it and is created to work on slow and metered internet connections, something common in India.

And for its data-conscious clientele, Skype Lite includes a reduced data usage mode for video calls, and will allow users to see exactly how much data they've used to prevent any major shocks in the billing cycle. For example, the photos you share on Skype Lite get compressed before they are uploaded so that their size is reduced. Currently, the app supports Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. Microsoft has also built in a range of India-focused bots to help automate tasks and pull in content, such as news, in a more efficient way than opening a web browser.

While giving a demo of the app, a Microsoft representative also explained how it can be used in the field of education.

The app which can be downloaded via Google Play Store is a completely revamped version of the original Skype app. And in 2015, Facebook released a stripped down version of Facebook called Facebook Lite - an app that takes less than 1 MB to download - for markets like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, and the Philippines. However, it's unlikely that the app won't make its way to other regions as well. The project will allow users to register using their Aadhaar identity ensuring life-long access to the platform.

"One app for all your Skype chats and SMS messages - you can even separate promotional SMS messages from the messages that matter most". If they accept your request, then they will receive an OTP on the phone linked to your Adhar card number.

While largely feature complete there are two things that Skype Lite does not do. For instance, the State Bank of India has started using Office 365 for its internal work and Tata group companies are using Azure and other services to boost their manufacturing capabilities.



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