Maricopa County saw biggest population growth in the United States last y

Census finds continuing population slide for region

Between 2015 and 2016, the Census estimates Clark County netted 6,169 people. But the fastest growing counties in Tennessee were in metropolitan Nashville, which continued to grow at the fastest pace among metro areas of Tennessee.

The general patterns in these counties where the same as in Cook County. Most of our population increase continues to be from people moving here.

Erie County lost residents after two years of growth and one year of negligible change.

But even if Baltimore isn't unique among similarly situated cities in losing population, the decline is still a problem that needs to be addressed. "At that time, some former residents were still returning home and many new residents were being lured in by the city's culture or to work on the recovery with nonprofits and other agencies".

The data covers county population estimates as of mid-2016.

Newly released Census Bureau estimates show communities in parts of western MI with relatively strong population growth versus other parts of the state. Population estimates for cities and towns will be released later this year as will more detailed demographic data, such as age, sex and race.

Erie County, however, saw a larger number of foreign immigration than domestic migration, resulting in a net migration.

"So when you look at the metro areas around the country, you still see some counties that are experiencing population loss", according to Census Bureau population division spokesman Ben Bolender. The population has declined in all but one year since 1997. Some counties in the southeast, such as Lebanon and Lehigh, also drew more residents. But Maricopa also had an influx of population from other parts of the United States. Many had moved to Lake County given its suburban location to Chicago, but that slowed during the Great Recession, he said. Washington County added 3,816 residents in 2016.

Maricopa County, Arizona, which includes Phoenix, gained the most people of any county in the nation, replacing Harris County, Texas, which includes Houston.

Population estimates allow people to have these kinds of conversations and make decisions, said Borsella, who loves this time of year. In the last seven years, St. Johns County grew by about 24 percent, the third-most in the state. Clark County is the 198th fastest-growing county in the country.

The Chicago Tribune and Crain's Chicago Business report estimates released Thursday show the Chicago metropolitan area lost 19,570 people in the year ending last June, dipping to 9.513 million.

Those are the latest figures released from the U.S. Census. Of those 67 counties, 24 had growth rates that exceeded the state average of 0.9 percent and 33 grew faster than the national average of 0.7 percent. Generally, rural counties had the largest percentage decreases in population.



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