Obama aide trolls GOP with photo from day ObamaCare passed

Pittsburgh Town Hall meeting

But they were forced to repeatedly push back the schedule, as they fought to win votes from the ideological poles of their conference, with undecided members shuttling back and forth between meetings in leadership offices and at the White House. However, markets recovered quickly soon after news that the bill had been pulled from a vote at President Trump's request. It was an epic, damaging, self-inflicted collapse that smothered the GOP effort. By demonizing the Affordable Care Act for seven years, Republicans built what turned out to be unrealistically high expectations among their conservative base that the law would be scrapped as soon as possible.

Customers can try to find coverage outside their exchange, but then they won't be able to use tax credits to help pay the bills, which may be particularly painful since many markets have seen prices soar. Democrats, who up until that moment thought the Republicans might yank a rabbit out of the hat, began celebrating, and Krishnamoorthi thought back to election night, when he learned that he would be coming to Washington with President Donald Trump. "Do not worry!" the president tweeted. "If this proves true, we will see a tremendous impact on hourly restaurant workers". At each, they credited activists with slowing down the bill, and derided Republicans for being led by Trump's whims. Republicans largely oppose the requirement as onerous, but Democrats view it as a vital to the law's effectiveness, because it means people who are healthy - not just those who are sick - must buy insurance.

The first Congressional Budget Office score said that as many as 24 million would have lost insurance coverage and there was no CBO score on the version that was to get a vote.

Some states also were planning to make up funding for Planned Parenthood because the Republican bill would have blocked payments to the women's health group for a year. For almost a decade, they've heard countless Republican congressional candidates promise to repeal Obama's statute, a pledge that became a centerpiece of Trump's presidential campaign.

Failure would be a big a blow to Trump and Ryan, who have been the most public faces of this bill. And Washington has plenty of politicians, partisans and wonks ready to answer it for you.

But, they add, it will likely also induce insurers to offer much skimpier plans, potentially excluding the gravely ill, and putting consumers at greater financial risk if they need care. For Republicans, their replacement bill will - one way or the other, pass or fail - loom large in 2018 and presumably 2020, if not beyond. In a statement, he expressed only gloom about the effort's future.

"We're already living with Trumpcare because the administration has and is making substantial changes to the enforcement of the law", said Micah Weinberg, president of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, a think tank.

CORLETTE: Well, there's two parts to that issue.

"Our concern is that the congresswoman is supporting legislation that will result in her constituents losing health care", said Sarah Gentry, the organization's policy director. Those that are also mainly in the business of managing Medicaid services to enrollees under contract with states - such as Molina Healthcare - oppose the bill because of the expected sharp reductions in Medicaid if the House measure is enacted.

But there was no easy path ahead.

Wall Street didn't like what it saw on Capitol Hill Friday over the health care vote.

On the economic side, it involves refashioning how providers, patients and federal programs should interact. "And so long as the law is properly administered, this market will remain stable".

MCEVERS: That's House Speaker Paul Ryan earlier today. As their representative, as a cancer conqueror, and as an American with a conscience, I vowed to vote against this bill that even Republicans - for a variety of reasons - would not vote for. The bill was assailed from the Left for daring to touch ObamaCare at all and from the Right for doing too little to repeal the 2010 law.

Boehner said last month that while Republicans would fix some problems of Obama's law, a repeal and replacement is "not going to happen".

In a letter this week, Baker's Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary Marylou Sudders asked for a waiver from federal employer mandate rules and the flexibility to create "an alternative policy for employers to share responsibility in the costs of health care coverage".



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