Supergirl's Musical Crossover Hits a High Note on 'The Flash'

Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist The Flash

I wasn't ready and you blindsided me and now I have cried during an episode of The Flash and there's no coming back. My only criticism is that there should be a musical every other episode, but I know that's not fair. Picking up from where they left off on Supergirl, Benoist graces the stage in an awkward and coy manner while singing the song from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Each of those performances are going to be fan favorites for a long time. Even Iris and Mon-el themselves, who were principal characters in Flash & Supergirl's "script" didn't sing a note but just stood and watched everyone else croon around them. It was his plan and he worked it flawlessly. But "Glee" aside, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist are two-stepping down a road well-traveled. Since they both love old-fashioned Hollywood musicals, that's the form their new world takes. She is extra happy and surprised and says yes... again. Well, turns out, it was a one-off episode but one meant to fix a plot point I gave a serious brow-beating to last week, namely the breakup of Barry and Iris. As Barry said, "All that matters is that they're together". "It's the most important thing". That was eye-opening for her as well. In it, she has just broken up with her boyfriend from planet Daxem, Mon-El (Chris Wood) due to his lying to her about his past.

They hear what sounds like a scream from Iris and then bicker about who should kick in the door. The only time where the musical part made me cringe was near the end when Barry was singing to Iris. And, the Superman impression! This closeness really shines through in their final song - Rachel Bloom's (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) "Super Friends" - and their reactions throughout it.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Music Meister has stolen both superheroes' powers to rob a bank, requiring Martian Manhunter and Vibe to team up so they can bring him in.

It's my fault for expecting Buffy from a cast literally comprised of Glee, though it's no accident that the clear highlights of "Duet" belong to original numbers with lyrics actually applicable to the characters at hand.

Kara defends Mon-El's love for Iris. However, it wasn't quite as simple for Barry and Iris. This is how you treat someone you love when you have knowledge of the future--a future in which Iris is killed?

Grant Gustin, who plays Barry, will also have another original song called "Runnin' Home to You" from La La Land songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. The showrunners make homages to previous musicals, poke fun at its own continuity, and just generally have a good time. Barry gets hit on the head by Stein (not Stein), a gangster from a rival gang.

MM, Grady, Pablo and Cutter sing "Put a Little Love In Your Heart", accompanied by several dancers.

The Flash musical episode is definitely the best episode so far this season.

As for the episode's big bad: So, what the heck is the Music Meister?

"She would definitely get up, go to Jitters, go to work", Patton mused.

- "It's like the Wizard of Oz". Were you surprised by the Music Meister's reason for attacking Barry and Kara? We see Barry as a kid alongside his mother watching Singin' in the Rain. Barry again, when he realises Joe and Stein were going to sing together. In present day we see him crashing at Cisco's because of his unbelievably bad decision last week of calling off the engagement with Iris.

On top of this, The Flash doesn't ignore Mon-El or Iris either, showing both of these characters that they too have to embrace their relationships and love in order to succeed.

When it comes to "The Flash", it wasn't really a case of if the CW show would do a musical episode, but when.

Millie's Dads: "You got a problem with that?"

No idea. I don't think the writers bothered either, they just wanted an excuse to draw on the sizable talent of the musical performers in their casts. Shortly thereafter, the Music Meister appears and Barry goes after him, leading to Barry being whammied just like Kara. That's a step in the right direction for the show to break out of its rut, but I think all the Berlanti shows might benefit from cooling it on the serialization for a while and focusing on telling the most entertaining stories they can in a given week.

- Barry's "more famous cousin" reference and impression FTW!

"Love is about letting yourself be saved". It's not just about saving other people.



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