Elon Musk Takes to Twitter to Reveal Model 3 Details

Not much can be ascertained from the video other than Tesla has drivable Model 3 cars seemingly roaming the streets somewhere.

But following that crash, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded an investigation of Tesla's Autopilot with a report noting that no safety defects contributed to the crash, and that data show that crashes in Tesla cars dropped by nearly 40 percent after the company installed its Autosteer feature in its cars.

The news earlier this week that the Tesla Model 3 would skip its usual "beta" development phase came as a shock to the industry and even to Tesla fans.

According to one analyst's note to investors this week, Tesla's (NASDAQ: TSLA) upcoming lower-cost Model 3 will have one huge thing going in its favor: safety.

Musk has announced earlier that they are aiming for the auto to have a 5 star rating in safety. The driver is still human. but with a "superhuman" assist. Further, he added that this new model is smaller, more affordable version of its predecessor Model S. It will have less power range and fewer features. 250 mile range? It's in the specs. Through a future update expected for this year, Tesla will enable fully autonomous cross-country road trips. The auto is supposed to begin initial production in July, and volume production in September. It helps that its well-heeled owners are in a position to trade off the inconvenience of having the auto serviced for the sake of driving what's perceived as being both a "green" vehicle and one that rides on the proverbial leading edge.

"Not only did the NHTSA report absolve Tesla of any blame in the accident, but analysis and testing of the autopilot system found that across Tesla's fleet, the deployment of Autopilot reduced accidents by around 40 percent", said Chris Mills of tech website BGR. After all, until the release of the Chevy Bolt (and Renault Zoe in Europe), there were no other long-range all-electric models out there, and there's still nothing out there that matches Tesla's offerings as regards self-driving vehicle tech, long-distance superfast charging, or insane ludicrous acceleration. The study points out that many people spending $100,000 dollars+ on a vehicle would normally not tolerate problems on the vehicle which would affect negatively on their sales and reputation. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.



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