Our Team

Alvin Sandler

Alvin Sandler is an experienced writer, editor and proofreader for both print and web. He holds an Honors Degree from the University of Western Ontario and a Master’s Degree from Washington University. He focus on writing about individual stocks, frequently in the financial industry. In particular, he attempt to identify emerging trends in markets that have the potential to reward early investors with outsized gains, while keeping a keen eye on risk.

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Dwayne Martin

Dwayne is an author, journalist and public speaker with a focus on the financial sector specifically its application to investments. He can be found regularly attending conferences and events in the space, networking and reporting on the latest mergers and capital raises. Dwayne is an experienced stock investor, and he’s eager to share his industry expertise and what he have learned about investing with others.

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Anna Clarke

Anna raised in New York, she joined University of Rochester - Simon Graduate School of Business Administration and got Degree in Accounting and Finance. She provides research and analysis in the small cap sector, and is an active investor in development stage companies.

She is devoted to sharing ideas about hard assets investing. She strive to bring an educational resource for both individual and institutional investors interested in learning more about commodity equities, commodity futures and gold the three major components of the hard assets marketplace.

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Denzel Nicholson

Denzel Nicholson is a founding partner of the firm, he provides the U.S. market commentary that covers the stock, commodity, and currency markets. He cover recent activity and events, from economic reports and indicators to any important news relating to individual stocks, sectors, or countries. He trains staff on the finer points of writing, editing and getting the news out on time.

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Charlize Bradley

Charlize Bradley is an independent investor and have been involved with financial markets for 13 years. She write articles on the markets and the economy, a mixture of commentary on current events as well as economic theory and history from an Austrian school of economics viewpoint. She hold a master’s degree in economics and a bachelor’s degree in statistics from Northwestern University.

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Kevin Renner

Kevin Renner is a financial writer who lives in the St. Louis, Missouri area. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Economics. He has contributed to major financial websites and print publications for over 14 years. His approach is based on a deep knowledge and understanding of market dynamics and focuses on adding value to investors’ portfolios via thoroughly checked proprietary information and data sources.

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